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The Autonomous Healthcare Facility Republican Dental Clinic

The Autonomous Healthcare Facility Republican Dental Clinic is the lead specialized institution to provide highly qualified outpatient dental care of all kinds to adults and children in Bashkortostan, Russia. The Clinic holds 7 departments where 62 dentists are involved. High-tech treatment techniques and advanced innovative material and technical facilities are implemented. To establish a diagnosis, a digital orthopantomograph, radiovisiograph, and X-ray unit are used to examine the condition of maxillofacial bone tissue as well as that of teeth, maxillary sinuses and a temporomandibular joint. To restore hard dental tissues, light-curing filling materials of the latest generation are applied. Fillers used are based on nanotechnology. Whitening procedures take place in the Clinic, as well as dental microscope treatment. To perform surgical interventions on the oral mucosa and to remediate root canals while treating extensive carieses, a diode laser is implemented. For conservative painless (non-surgical) gum therapy, the ultrasonic technology Vektor (Germany) and the innovative technology of subgingival polishing of Perio-Flo (Switzerland) are utilized, besides plasmolifting is practiced to treat periodontal tissue diseases. One of the modern dentistry achievements is dental implantation, a prosthetics method that makes it possible to restore lost teeth either in case of a single tooth loss or complete adentia. Dentists have mastered aesthetic, high-tech kinds of prostheses, including implant dentures. In January, 2018 the Clinic established a pediatric department which scope involves: - treatment of deciduous and permanent teeth - removal of deciduous and permanent teeth - orthodontic treatment - prevention of children’s dental caries. In the orthodontic room, patients are provided with all kinds of orthodontic theraphy. For this purpose, removable and non-removable appliances as well as trainers (preorthodontic to fit both children and adults) are used. Orthodontists implement cutting edge treatment methods: Straight-wire, Edgewise technique - bracket system, straight arch technique, lingual technique, passive self-ligation technique Damon, H4 systems – self-ligating brakets, which prove to be the most innovative and advanced nowadays. Intensive work is carried out regarding prevention and anticipatory maxillofacial cancer detection. In December, 2017 under the auspices of the Government and Ministry of Healthcare of Bashkortostan, Dental Care, the first mobile medical complex on the base of a bus was purchased. As a part of federal projects to establish a ‘New Model of a Medical Facility to Provide Primary Health Care Services’, the Clinic introduced lean technologies that have already reduced patients’ waiting time, decreased queues and created a benevolent environment for patients. As a part of Open Registry Project in 2017, the Clinic registry was brought into line with the requirements of accessible environment for people with reduced mobility. Internal logistics and routing of patients’ flow were developed. Much work has been done by the Clinic in this sphere. We are more accessible for the disabled, the registry of the Pediatric Department as well as that of adults are well-available. The Republican Dental Clinic is about advanced, innovative and high-tech dentistry with a comprehensive range of services for adults and children!

Our address: 15 Zavodskaya St, Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia , 450097
Registry telephone: +7(347)2460330
Registry telephone of the Pediatric Department: +7(347)2539610
E-mail: ufa.rsp@doctorrb.ru



Open: Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm
Sat 8 am to 4 pm – service delivery is provided by doctors on duty.
Closed: Sunday.
Registry telephone: +7(347)2460330;
Registry telephone of Pediatric Department: +7(347)2539610